Serbian and Italian cuisine Restaurant

Visit our restaurant that serves delicious treats from Balkan and Italian cuisine!

The best restaurant in Masuria

We not only offer breakfasts of the champions. Dinners, suppers, all other culinary experiences in our restaurant are all of master class quality. We employ chefs from Balkans and Italy, who fell in love in Masuria just like we did, and who bring us their original recipes and virtuosity in their preparation. When the season ends, our friends go back to 5-star hotels in Europe, where they show their craftsmanship.

We offer meat, fish, sea food, wine and cheese festivals. Such meticulously prepared and seasoned dishes can’t be found anywhere else in Masuria. Our Chef will surprise you with the most Sublime Tastes of the Season, which — according to the customer’s opinion — are non-repeatable within a radius of 100 km.

That's not all. We have a wide range of beverages: white and red wines, Koneser vodka in frozen bottles, Jack Daniel’s American whisky and a multitude of artisan beers for real gourmets.

The restaurant is often the reason for visits in our Masurian marina even of sailors sailing from distant places. See for yourself that it is worth to come here.