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Marina Lester Club – Relaxation in Masuria

Walk, Drive, Sail, Fly!!

Marina | Port | Molo

Marina Lester Club is a special place on the map of Masuria. Both the smallest and the biggest watercrafts call at our port. This is because the marina has a pier with which no other Masurian pier can be compared — the longest pier capable of accommodating 40 watercrafts of different sizes. The surface of the pier deck is 1,000 m2 and the individual piers are 12 meters long. That's why we often meet tourists who have great, big boats that can't moor in smaller marinas. In this sense, our marina is unique in the Masurian region. Please, direct to: 53˚57́̕ 56.5”N 21˚45̕ ́53.5”E - this is where we are, this is where we are waiting for sailors.

Boats that moor in our marina in Masuria and their crews get all necessary facilities: electricity, water, neat sanitary facilities and Internet access. Like in nature - nothing gets lost here: 24/7 video surveillance protects watercrafts.

Italian and Serbian cuisine restaurant

The restaurant, probably as the only one in Masuria, employs Serbian chefs, who know the cuisine of their region not only from cook books. From the haven at Lake Niegocin it is close to comfy restaurant tables, where original Pljeskavica with tzatziki sauce will be served soon. We also take Italian cuisine seriously. Pizza on thin dough with Italian prosciutto ham and salami - it tastes so good after a long cruise! You can often listen to live music in the restaurant. During the season we organize many concerts.

Italian - Balkan Food

Guest house in Masuria: Marina Lester Club

Marina Lester Club

From water to land. Here, you could use some real, Masurian comfort with history in the background - the guest house was built in Masuria 120 years ago. It is a well-kept, restored former German building, in a classic Masurian style of the region. We offer 20 beds. The suites meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. They are arranged with taste, one can gather strength and peacefully relax before the next sailing, cycling or hiking expedition.

Double rooms also meet all required standards. They are equipped with comfortable double beds with snow-white, starched bedding, Wi-Fi, refrigerator, TV, bathroom with shower, towels and cosmetics.

Our second guest house in Masuria: Marina Lester House

It turned out that so many guests visit us that one guest house cannot serve them all. That is why the splendid Masurian guest house Marina Lester House was created. It is a place to stay in Masuria, especially designed for tourists who value peace and intimacy above all. Here you can find out what relaxation in Masuria really means. Guests have at their disposal a barbecue, and the rooms in the attic are exceptionally nice and cosy (most of them have a balcony overlooking Lake Niegocin). The biggest attraction of this guest house is the 5-person Jack Daniel’s apartment, with a spacious living room, bar, two bedrooms and a huge wooden terrace. We often host here people mooring at our marina - it's only 300 metres to the marina.

Marina Lester House


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