The members of Marina Lester Club, the clients of Italy Ristorante and other guests may benefit from various services with the consent of the boatswain.

– day-long mooring
– short mooring
2. Hire of boats:

– rapid Harley Davidson motor boat 250 hpm reaching the speed of 110 km/h (from 2 up to 6 persons as a maximum)
– „Lester” green fishing boat
– green fishing boat (with paddles)
– two-man kayak (up to 1 hour )
– (big) pedal boat (up to 1 hour)
– „Jacek” small) pedal boat (up to 1 hour)
* A prerequisite for the hire of a boat is the leaving of the following items in deposit:
an identity document and a contact telephone number.

3. Other services:

– a wheelbarrow of wood of class „S” for the fire
– electricity connection
– washing of dishes
– waste disposal
– showers (10 minutes)