Marina Lester Club

To fully relax in Masuria, you may visit a lot of places. One of them is, absolutely fabulous and unique, Marina Lester Club in Rydzewo.

Marina Lester Club with its guesthouse was founded 8 years ago and it meets the highest tourist requirements and standards. The place is orientated to the customer with excellent taste for cuisine.

Rydzewo is a Masurian village-resort, very fashionable among sailors and motorboaters. The place is highly unique due to its intimacy and natural values such as locality (it is situated near one of the most beautiful lakes in Poland – Niegocin Lake) where nature combined in one place water, forest, plenty of plants, birds, fish and other animals. Food is truly organic here, bread is a real bread and meat tastes like it tasted before. The environment is natural and unpolluted because you won’t find any poisoner, such as an industrial plant within many kilometers. The local air could be packaged in jars and brought to city dwellers as the best example of unspoilt Masurian flora and fauna. This is why no one will regret the choice of our complex because Masuria’s unique beauty in each and every season.

Marina Lester Club is an excellent choice for boaters, harleyers, motorbikers. But all other guests are welcome as well, including amateours of cycling, families with children and customers with sophisticated culinary taste.

The port is located at the very end of the lake Negocin near the junction with the lake Bochne and can accommodate up to 40 ships. Club has its own beach and serves Serbian-Italian cuisine, ran by chefs from a 5-star hotel in Belgrade. The Restaurant’s speciality is the meat festival organized every weekend in Marina Lester Club. It serves also lamb made in Balkan way from the Polish young sheep, so-called Wrzosówki. The choice of dishes is very diverse, there are also the most popular specialties of one of the tastiest cuisines of the world: pizza, spaghetti, salads, seafood and fish.

Every weekend during the Summer season Marina Lester Club plays live music for you. We have the honour to host well-known Polish bands such as Maciej Maleńczuk, Kasa Chorych, etc.

Furthermore, we have the longest and most comprehensive pier in Masuria with an amazing panoramic view across lake Niegocin and Giżycko town.

All Apartaments, Rooms and bathrooms are tastefully furnished and equipped with stylish furniture, TV, WiFi etc. In addition, Marina Lester offers also sanitary facilities for sailing and motorboating. Marina is fully monitored and boatswain will always help you in any need.

We have an equipment rental: motorboats, scooters, boats, canoes, pedal boats, barbecue, off-road, buggie etc.

Come to our Marina Lester Club any way you want – drive, sail or fly !!! (Airport Masuria Residence is located about 4 km in a straight line from us)