Marina Lester Club

ul.Mazurska 82 i 84

approximately 12 km from Giżycko

GPS 53°57’56.5″N 21°45’53.5″E

Information: 87 421 10 04
Reservations: 607 559 060
Catering: 601 807 440
Boatswain: 601 23 12 12

The best access road for drivers:
From Warsaw one has to take the following route: Serock-Zegrze-Legionowo-Pułtusk-Różan-Ostrołęka-Łomża – in Kisielnica one has to turn left in the direction of Kolno – in Pisz one has to turn right in the direction of Orzysz- Giżycko, and at a distance of 12 km before Giżycko in the village of Ruda one has to turn left in order to get to Rydzewo (7 km). The premises of „MARINA LESTER Club” are located vis-à-vis of the grocery in Rydzewo.

Orientation for sailors and (motor) boaters:
While navigating from Giżycko in the direction of Mikołajki on the Lake Niegocin, one may moor in the place where the Lake Boczne merges with the Lake Niegocin approximately 200 metres from the Black Swan Inn [Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem] and approximately 150 metres from the Church.